WatiN Developers

Jeroen van Menen

Jeroen is the initiator and lead developer of WatiN. He started developing WatiN at the end of 2005 to replace the commercial test application that his company was using at that time. Jeroen decided to make WatiN open source since it was based on Watir and there was a lack of good and free web test tools for .Net programmers.

Jeroen has been involved in creating different enterprise applications all of his professional career (15+ years), creating software for public health care, social housing and for banks. Jeroen has been a (web) developer, lead developer, team lead, and test lead. Jeroen is currently working as an Agile consultant at Prowareness, training and coaching companies to get the best out of Scrum, eXtreme Programing, Kanban or Lean.

His blog is at http://watinandmore.blogspot.com

Developers previously involved in the project

Edward Wilde

Edward joined the WatiN project in 2007 to enable FireFox support and experimental Chrome support. Edward has also released a small open source framework Wax, that allow testers to create automated WatiN tests using Microsoft Excel.

His blog is at http://blogs.edwardwilde.com

Jeff Brown

After getting in touch with Jeff about including his Eval function posted on a blog, Jeff kept sending patches and eventually did a major refactoring of the code base and introduced the Page and Control features. Jeff also worked on a smooth integration of WatiN with MBUnit/Galio.

His blog is at http://blog.bits-in-motion.com/