WatiN Support

There are several ways to get support for WatiN.

Support in general

Support is provided through the WatiN mailing lists. To send a mail, you need to register (this is to prevent spam on the mailing lists). If you don’t register you still can send an email but it will need to be checked by the moderator first before it is send to the mailinglist.

Bug reports and feature requests

For bug reports or feature requests visit the WatiN trackers on SourceForge.

When registering a bug, please be as complete as possible by providing html and/or code with which your bug can be reproduce. Also mention the WatiN version and browser you are using. All info will help to eventually help you out.

Professional support

If you want professional support to

  • Get you started with a small training and some coding assistance.
  • Add a feature you need.
  • Do a code review of your current WatiN test suite.
  • or anything else regarding WatiN.

please contact me by sending an email with your request to jvmenen at users.sourceforge.net and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Support by donating

Support This Project

I have spend hundreds of hours developing WatiN and giving support, mainly in my spare time. Allthough it is my own choice a donation in whichever size is always welcome!
I do think alot lately about the succes of Apples AppStore and how easy it is to buy a peace of great software for the price of a candy bar.
Wouldn’t it be great if open source developers would receive (just) one euro/dollar per download. Such a small price for so much quality assurance WatiN can give you (or you could go buy that candy bar). One euro for each download, hmmmmm… that would make me… smile! (do the math your self).

And if you decide to donate you will be mentioned honourfully on this list