Setting up FireFox

This article explains how to setup FireFox for testing with WatiN. Since FireFox 4.0 no longer is supporting the JSSH plugin, WatiN can only run with FireFox 3.6 and lower. You can download FireFox 3.6 here.

  • Make sure you have Firefox version 2.0 or higher installed.
  • Next you should download the most recent release of WatiN and unzip it into an appropriate directory. Assuming you have unzipped the release to c:\Program Files\WatiN\
  • The jssh plugin is used by WatiN to automate Firefox. To install the plugin:
    1. Open FireFox
    2. Click File -> Open File
    3. Navigate to your WatiN installation folder i.e. c:\Program Files\WatiN\Mozilla or select the correct download at the end of the page. Pick the right version of the jssh-….xpi. This depends on the FireFox version you have installed.
      FireFox version xpi file
      3.6 jssh-3.6-WINNT.xpi
      3.5 jssh-WINNT-3.5.xpi
      3.x jssh-WINNT-3.x.xpi
      2.x jssh-WINNT-2.x.xpi