WatiN Documentation

Read the release documentation for the current release here or visit the release notes history which all contain a lot of detailed info and examples. The following references should help you to get a feel of what is possible with WatiN. See the support page for other options to get or find information about using WatiN.

  • Getting started [video]

    This video shows a basic scenario; searching Google and how to automate this with WatiN. It also shows how the IE Developer Toolbar can help you with your automation tasks.

  • WatiN, Internet Explorer and Thread.Apartmentstate

    This article explains the why and how about setting the ApartmentState of a Thread to single treaded apartment (STA). This is required when running your test with Internet Explorer. It also shows you how to do this when using WatiN with NUnit, MBUnit, MSTest, TestDriven.Net, Fitnesse or SharpDevelop.

  • Setting up firefox

    This shows you how to install the correct jssh plugin in FireFox. This plugin is used so WatiN can automate FireFox.

  • Attaching to an existing browser instance

    An explanation about how to attach to a browser instance and how to do this in a browser agnostic way.

  • Structure your tests using the Page pattern

    When you create tests for a moderate to large website you quickly need a way to structure your test code. The Page pattern, natively supported by WatiN, does just that.

  • Structure your tests using the Control pattern

    Do you have some complex widget on your website? This article shows you how to wrap this in a control so you can easily reuse it in your tests.

  • Testing Asynchronous AJAX Calls

    WatiN handles waiting for full page postbacks out of the box, but not so for ajax calls. These days websites are using more and more ajax for a better user experience. If your website uses ajax then this article will show you some techniques to wait for ajax calls so you don’t have Thread.Sleep() all over the place.

  • MSDN style online documentation

    This is the online version of the help file available in the distribution. It also does contain some code examples to get you started.

  • Mapping table

    This is a list showing with the mappings between DOM elements and WatiN elements.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    A list of frequently asked questions about WatiN.

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