WatiN  Overview

Welcome at the WatiN (pronounced as What-in) website. Inspired by Watir development of WatiN started in December 2005 to make a similar kind of Web Application Testing possible for the .Net languages. Since then WatiN has grown into an easy to use, feature rich and stable framework. WatiN is developed in C# and aims to bring you an easy way to automate your tests with Internet Explorer and FireFox using .Net.

WatiN  Example

Following is the Hello world example of web test automation: searching Google.

WatiN  Features

  • Automate all major HTML elements with ease
  • Find elements by multiple attributes
  • Native support for Page and Control model.
  • Supports AJAX website testing
  • Supports creating screenshots of webpages
  • Supports frames (cross domain) and iframes
  • Handles popup dialogs like alert, confirm, login etc..
  • Supports HTML dialogs (modal and modeless)
  • Easy to integrate with your favorit (unit) test tool
  • Works with Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 and FireFox 2 and 3
  • Can be used with any .Net Language
  • Licensed under the Apache License 2.0
  • Downloaded more than 120.000 times.
  • And since its open source you can add and contribute new features yourself!

“… it will give you exactly the experience that you’ll have when a customer hits the site, which ends up being a far more accurate assessment of the application quality.”

Scott Guthrie

General Manager within the Microsoft Developer Division.

Comment taken from Jeremy D. Millers blog

“Let me start by saying congratulations on WatiN – its a fantastic bit of software!”

Jon Rea

Test Automation Software Architect working for Nokia Music

“.. it feels like it should have shipped out of the box with Visual Studio Team
Edition for Software Testers.”

Bruce McLeod

Principal Consultant for Devtest Pty Ltd.


“What a great tool!!! We are using it with CruiseControl.Net. We run
roughly 1k tests each build.”

David Strickland

Vice President of Development

Swingvote, LLC

“Love your product. I’m new to WatiN but have spent the last couple of weeks
using it and I love it. Very clean interface and it’s very quick and easy to
turn out tests.”

Todd Lichty